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Select the Box

Whenever you select a box to fill in the Mobile App, the corresponding box on the MedpeR® will light up to assist you to fill correct medication in the right box.

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Set up Schedule

Once the right box is selected , fill the Medication details and the alarm time.


Add Medication

Add the Medications in the box along with the blister packs, this way your medicines are safe from environmental damage. Also keep in mind MedpeR® organises medicines by type, not by time which makes it easier to refill.


Get Reminders

Get notified through an Alarm tone and LED guide whenever there is a time to take your Medication.


Follow the Lights

The LED will tell you from which you have to take your medication.

More about MedpeR®

Weekly Reports

If you cannot remember that you have taken your pills today or not, the Weekly Reports will keep track of your medicine consumption.

—Pngtree—mobile phone mockup_5825761_edi
—Pngtree—mobile phone mockup_5825761_edi

Caregiver Notifications

Your Caregiver, Friends and Family can access the notifications and reports of your medication adherence after permission is granted. In case of an event like missed pill, the caregiver will be notified.

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