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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is MedpeR®, and what it does?
    MedpeR® is your personal medicinal assistant! It not only reminds you when it's time for your meds but also keeps a meticulous record of your dosage history. With MedpeR, you can effortlessly track your medication consumption, receive timely refill reminders, and stay organized with low counts. Plus, if you're connected to the internet, it can even notify your loved ones and caregivers when you miss a dose, ensuring your health is always a priority.
  • Can I use MedpeR® for various types of medications?
    With 8 individual compartments, each spacious enough to hold pills and blister packs (150 ml volume), your medications stay neatly sorted. MedpeR® also includes a special compartment for emergency SOS medicines, ensuring quick access when you need it. Stay in control and have your meds at your fingertips with MedpeR®!
  • How does the integration with the mobile app work?
    MedpeR® seamlessly connects to your mobile app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This enables you to set medication schedules, receive reminders, and conveniently monitor your medication adherence.
  • Is MedpeR® suitable for elderly individuals or those less tech-savvy?
    MedpeR® is designed with simplicity in mind. Its user-friendly interface and easy setup cater to all age groups, especially seniors. Setting up the device, loading medicines, and scheduling is a breeze. Once done, it requires no further intervention until a refill is needed. With an internet connection, caregivers receive timely notifications on their mobile devices. Even without internet, MedpeR® stores notifications, displaying them once a connection is established. Convenience and peace of mind, all in one smart package!
  • Are there language options available for the app and instructions?
    At MedpeR®, diversity matters. Our app currently supports English, Hindi, and Bengali, ensuring accessibility for a broad user base. As we move forward, we plan to expand our language support to accommodate even more preferences. Choose the language that resonates with you because everyone deserves smooth medication management in a language they understand.
  • Can I share medication information with my healthcare provider using MedpeR®?
    With MedpeR®, you can effortlessly share detailed medication adherence reports with your healthcare provider, enhancing communication and ensuring your health is well-monitored.
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