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Your Personal Medicinal helpeR

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Smart Medication Reminder

  • LED and Sound Alerts  

  • Up to 5 alarms per Pill per day

  • Wrong Pill Indication

  • NO 24/7 Wi-Fi required

Stay Updated

  • App and Web Access  

  • Remote Tracking

  • Multiple Access Roles

  • Safe sharing

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MedpeR notifications
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Effortless Organization

  • BLE-based Refill Indicator

  • Store with Blister Pack Protection

  • Up to two weeks Capacity

  • 8 different types of Medicines

  • SOS Medicines Supported

A Word From The Doctors

Awareness Series

We had a 12-Month 12-Part Adherence Awarenes Series,

We were joined by Medical Experts and Reputed Medico-Research Organizations:

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